Archive - Lost Cryptex - Boston

If you’re reading this, I can only assume that you found the note left for you. With that in mind, congratulations. The all-seeing eye is always watching, and your tenacity has been duly noted. For those who wish to prove themselves further, we would like to provide you one more opportunity. The Inner Circle is always keeping tally of the most observant among us (shadowy figures being all-seeing, but never seen, and all that), so we’ve prepared a final test for this year’s gathering.

You were given a card that brought you here. On its reverse, you’ll notice empty spaces to record your solutions to the tests presented on this page. Once you have completed all the tests below, seek me out.

You will be able to find me roaming the halls nearby.

You will know me by my hat, styled to match those empty spaces on your card where you’ve recorded your findings.

You will speak to me the proper word, deciphered from your tests—the word represents the role of the Inner Circle.

I am carrying a device which holds your reward. Should you come to me with the proper passcode, you will be thusly rewarded.

I will see you soon.

– The Keeper

First, look no further than the yoke you wear...

For all attendees, an item you share.

You’ll need just one letter, to be precise.

Even though it’s the only one that does appear twice.

The next one will take you just down the block...

To the southeast side of this building, across from the tall building’s clock.

You’ll find a small “corner library” for all to explore.

And a single blue stickered letter on the “fourth floor.”

Then return from whence you came...

Back to where the presenters are seen in frame.

And as if you were leaving, when you’d bid them goodbye.

Look straight out the window, and then look toward the sky.

Then on to the space for vertical transportation...

And a task that will require some more concentration.

Don’t touch the buttons, but use only your mind.

And imagine 11, 22, 18, 8, 21, 16, 15, 9.