Paruzal Games Presents: Your Choice From 13 Illustrated Escape Games   Style: Live Audio Experience   Creator: Paruzal (USA)    How to Play: Schedule a game session for all Play Pass holders    Discord Channel: #paruzal Paruzal offers live-hosted online escape rooms, their own illustrated and narrated adventures where your

Secret Library Presents: Speakeasy   Style: Live Video Experience  Creator: Secret Library (USA)   How to Play: Runs for 32 Play Pass holders on Sunday at 16:30 (New York Time)   Discord Channel: #speakeasyA happy hour at the bar takes an unexpected turn when it's shuttled back

Indestroom Presents: Chance to Live   Style: Asynchronous Online Game  Creator: Indestroom (Moscow, Russia)   How to Play: Play on demand for all Play Pass holders   Discord Channel: #chance-to-liveYou face an important challenge: you need to find the vaccine against COVID-19 hidden in a virtual underground

Green Door Labs Presents: Space Cats   Style: Massive Multiplayer Game   Creator: Green Door Labs (Boston, MA, USA)    How to Play: Play together throughout RECON for all Play Pass holders    Discord Channel: #space-cats-hq The Spacecats of the class 8 freighter SCS Maru3 are on their way