RECON Overview

The Talks

RECON offers a curated collection of brand-new escape room talks covering different aspects of experience design that apply to both real-life experience creation and digital & mailable counterparts.

On the business / creator side, the featured talks will explore the intersections of puzzle design, narrative, and technology, among many other topics.

For players, we will provide opportunities to level up your puzzling skills and learn how to better guide new players into the escape room hobby.

This collection of talks is available to all ticket holders, and is crafted to enhance your understanding of the industry and empower you to help it thrive, whether you are an experience creator, owner, supporter, or consumer.

At RECON, our talks are different from other events through both the selection and creation processes. 

Presenters are chosen specifically for their expertise in the subject matter, willingness to give back to the community, and presence on a digital stage. Every presenter goes through a screening process with the RECON team. From there the talks are created in collaboration with a RECON team member, who helps the speaker select a topic, record, and edit to ensure the content always matches the descriptions.

A Different Kind of Event

  • The event is an in-person, non-streamed event.
  • The program will span brilliant speakers, engaging workshops, discussion groups, social outings, and opportunities to play fantastic and unique escape rooms and immersive games. 
  • The talks are curated, with no unnecessary filler.
  • RECON isn’t about the people on stage; it’s about the industry as a whole and the people like you who make it thrive.

The RECON Commitment

RECON is committed to an industry that will produce high quality experiences in a financially stable way for many years to come. At other events, you may have heard that you need expensive sets and complicated technology in order to succeed. While we feel that those aspects of escape rooms can be highly valuable, they don’t inherently make great escape room games. They are tools you can choose to use.

RECON presents options for where to focus your efforts, so that you can select which tools will enable you to create exceptional experiences, whether you are creating them in physical real-life spaces, in packages you mail, or as digital-only games. RECON guides the escape room conversation to a sustainable place for this industry – for players, creators, owners, and other types of experience designers.