RECON Overview

RECON offers a curated collection of talks and experiences across the player journey.

For Everyone, The RECON community is a brilliant, social, and caring group of people who share a passion for making and playing games. Bringing everyone together creates opportunities for serendipity, both personal and professional.

On the business / creator side, the featured talks and workshops will explore the intersections of puzzle design, narrative, and technology, among many other topics.

For players, you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at the artistry and technology that goes into games. Think of it as a view into the minds of the industry’s best creators.

The Content


All ticket holders get access to every talk. There are no tracks. Everyone is in the room sharing thoughts, questions, and answers. RECON talks are crafted to enhance your understanding of the industry and to empower you to help it thrive, whether you are an experienced creator, owner, supporter, or consumer.

At RECON, our talks are different. We choose presenters specifically for their expertise in the subject matter, willingness to give back to the community, and stage presence. Every presenter is hand selected and supported by the RECON team to bring you an exemplary presentation relating to the convention theme. By collaborating with each speaker, we bring you a curated event.


Ticket holders will get a choice of one workshop. This is an interactive session where you will work in small groups (bonus networking opportunity) and take away ideas, skills and actions that you can implement in your designs or business. 

We work with our subject matter experts to design a workshop where you actively learn while interacting with other ticket holders.

Birds of a Feather

RECON is about sharing ideas. That’s why we’re putting together group discussions on different industry topics suggested by ticket holders. Each Birds of a Feather session is led by a facilitator who keeps the conversation lively and moving. Share your expert knowledge, ask your burning questions, and network with your peers in a casual, approachable, and fun conversation. 

This is how we plan for serendipity. It sounds like an oxymoron. But it’s the truth. With this structure, you can give input on topics, and make the conversation yours.

The Experiences

Play is the backbone of RECON. You’ll play off-site at Boston’s best escape room venues, on-site as part of a large-scale ballroom game, and at Level99, which combines mental and physical challenges into a new style of play.

Level99 is the new 48,000-square-foot experience from the creator of 5 Wits. At Level99, they’ve re-imagined play. It’s both mental and physical. It’s behind closed doors and on stage. Instead of missions, you earn currency, which you can spend to unlock more games. Plus, their partnership with Night Shift Brewing makes it the perfect place to relax…or recharge and play some more!.

100 Earth Days is a large group game that Boxaroo will bring to us at the Marriott – actors, props and all. This game isn’t generally bookable to the public without a special event. 

At RECON, we’re showcasing games of all types, and large-format experiences like this are deeply underexplored territory.

The RECON ARG will be an experiential mystery worked into the event. It might be anywhere… keep your eyes peeled.

Red Fox burst onto the scene with The U-Boat and The Heist, similar only in their stellar game flow, but each presenting players with new ways of thinking, punctuated by surprising scene changes.

Boxaroo is best known for Storyteller’s Secret – ranked #20 internationally in 2020 – that takes players on an emotional arc. This company brings puzzle creation, technology, and story together in delightful ways.

Trapology was one of the first companies in Boston. Today they welcome you in a gorgeous steampunk lobby overlooking Boston Common. They have honed their design skills, from gameplay to set decor, and have even gone out on a limb with more unusual themes. 

The Community

RECON is about more than just the talks, games, and people on stage. It’s about making connections. We’re creating a space for conversation and sharing ideas. You are welcome to join any conversation. No, you’re invited to join.

If you believe in the future of this industry, as a creator, designer, player, blogger, supplier, supporter… or in any other way, you belong at RECON. We look forward to seeing you in Boston this summer!

RECON Boston is Unique

  • The event is an in-person, non-streamed event.
  • Every talk is new, written specifically for RECON.
  • The program has been curated so you learn through experiences and play. We bring you brilliant speakers, engaging workshops, discussion groups, social outings, and opportunities to play fantastic and unique escape rooms and immersive games. 
  • RECON isn’t about the people on stage; it’s about the industry as a whole and the people like you who make it thrive.

The RECON Commitment

RECON is committed to an industry that will produce high-quality experiences in a financially stable way for many years to come. At other events, you may have heard that you need expensive sets and complicated technology in order to succeed. While we feel that those aspects of escape rooms can be highly valuable, they don’t inherently make great escape room games. They are tools you can choose to use.

RECON presents options for where to focus your efforts, so that you can select which tools will enable you to create exceptional experiences, whether you are creating them in physical real-life spaces, in packages you mail, or as digital-only games. RECON guides the escape room conversation to a sustainable place for this industry – for players, creators, owners, and other types of experience designers.