2 June, 2023

The Athens Escape Room Scene is Special

The Athens Escape Room Scene is Special

Speaker Session

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RECON speaker, Dimitri's headshot in a gold, art deco frame with the RECON logo.
Dimitris Varelas
Paradox Project

Athens, Greece

The Talk

Athens has a dense collection of high quality escape rooms with a distinct flavor. They tend to be long (2 hours+) and immersive, often including actors. Dimitris will share how the escape room scene evolved in this beautiful city and why enthusiasts should visit.

The Speaker

Dimitris Varelas, born & raised in Athens Greece, loves games (boardgames, role playing games, video games), art, cinema, urban culture, traveling & food tasting.

Along with best friends Giannis, Mihalis, Konstantinos & Dimitris K, they decided to create a different escape game experience in 2014: Paradox Project. In September of 2015 The Mansion opened its gates in Kallithea, Athens: a 3-hour experience taking place in a whole 120m² house. The game focuses on puzzles, story, immersion, out of the box thinking & twists. The sequel The Bookstore followed in the summer of 2018: 200 minutes long & a more complex experience story-wise, introducing various new ideas. It was rated the #2 escape room in the world at the TERPECAs in 2019 & 2020 & and #10 in 2021, & also #1 best international escape room at the Escape Room Awards in 2021. The third project in Athens opened in the summer of 2020 & is a completely different story. The Music Academy is 180+ minutes long & takes place in a real music school, with a darker story & again focusing on unique puzzles & riddles. The Music Academy was rated #12 at the TERPECAs in 2020 & also #1 best international escape room at The Escape Room Awards in 2022.

In the summer of 2021 the island version of The Mansion opened in the beautiful island of Paros. It’s a 2 hour adventure for the Paros visitors.

All are looking forward for the next steps of this Paradox Project adventure!