6 April, 2022

Upping Your Game: Beyond the Basics of Game Design

Delivering Game-Changing Immersion

Upping Your Game

Beyond the Basics of Game Design

Workshop Session
Marie Huber
Red Fox Escapes

Boston, Massachusetts 

The Talk

Theme, story, set, puzzles, flow, and wow moments are all elements of a great game. In this workshop, you will develop your game design skills to optimize the player experience while considering constraints such as budget, floorspace, durability, and your audience.

The Speaker

My path to puzzle creation came via a long career solving puzzles: childhood in the English countryside, 2 biochemistry degrees from the “other” Cambridge, a couple of years as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co, and then falling in love with and moving to New York City. There I spent several years in private equity and biotech startups, and several more investing in public biotech companies. One day I may write a book about the next chapter, but it’s one that led me to meeting my partner Nico, and deciding to start something new from scratch. And thus, Red Fox Escapes was born.

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