White COGS logo. C is shaped like a gear.
8 August, 2023


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White COGS logo. C is shaped like a gear.
Alex Hylands-White
Tom Dixon
Eyal Danon

London, England


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COGS is a powerful software/hardware system that manages the electronic puzzles, timer, hints & theatrical elements of your escape rooms.

An assortment of COGS tech

August 19 & 20, 2023

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The COGS Starter Set includes:

1x Digital Master
1x Learning Board
1x 12V1ADC power supply
2x CAT6 patch cable

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COGS is an easy to use software/hardware platform for running interactive events, including escape rooms, haunt attractions, mini golf, immersive theatre and experiential marketing.

Map all kinds of inputs to outputs by building up simple logic steps which determine what you want to happen and when.

Start building your show today.