6 April, 2022

Peih-Gee Law, RECON MC

Delivering Game-Changing Immersion


Peih-Gee Law

Peih-Gee Law
Reality Escape Pod

Los Angeles, California

The MC

Peih-Gee is most well known for being a fan favorite contestant on the reality show Survivor, where she played first in Survivor China in 2007, and again in a returning All-Star season Survivor Second Chance. She calls Survivor “the greatest immersive game in the world.” 

Peih-Gee is co-host of the Reality Escape Pod, a podcast exploring immersive gaming, escape rooms and interactive theatre. Peih-Gee is also a contributor to Room Escape Artist as a Hivemind writer, reviewing virtual escape rooms.  Loves: narrative-driven games with lots of player interactions, wordplay. Hates: Math puzzles and poor functionality that distracts from immersion. 

When not talking about or playing escape rooms, she runs a fine jewelry business and enjoys jigsaw puzzles, watercolor painting, and playing board games.

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