13 April, 2022

Technically an Escape Room

Delivering Game-Changing Immersion

Technically an Escape Room

Speaker Session
Victor Hung
Boxaroo & Level99

Boston, Massachusetts

The Talk

Technology has been both a blessing and a curse for location-based entertainment. When used correctly, computerized systems can meld seamlessly with the story’s narrative and the gameplay. In this talk, we’ll discuss how the strategic use of technology can not only be used to provide a cohesive experience for the guests, but also relieve pain-points for the operations staff and the installation team. We’ll highlight some of Boxaroo’s successes with experimenting with technology and some of our most notorious pitfalls to save you that precious time and energy.

The Speaker

Victor Hung is the founder of Boxaroo, an interactive entertainment company in Boston, Massachusetts that produces escape rooms as well as outdoor city-wide scavenger hunts, large ballroom-format experiences, and other location-based special events. After earning a bachelor’s in computer science and electrical engineering from MIT, Victor worked in the user experience design industry for several years. He later returned to MIT to teach product design with a focus on ideation and the development process. While most of his time is now devoted to other interactive-entertainment related activities, he carries his experience from product design and electro-mechanical engineering over to his productions, hoping to put more delight into the world.

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