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The Shop of Theseus

From the creator of Escape from Escape Island

The Game Pass gets you a voucher to play the RECON 23 exclusive game: The Shop of Theseus

Tired of being forced to play a series of entertaining, delightful, and thought-provoking puzzles before you’re able to purchase wonderfully engaging souvenirs themed after your experience? Wish you could just get that t-shirt that says: “I conquered Mount Olympus”? Then you need to visit The Shop of Theseus, established and operated by the king of Athens himself. We have a fully stocked shop with all the Greek pantheon-themed gifts you need, and none of those pesky puzzles and clues to get in the way!

Warning: You may be required to engage with a series of entertaining, delightful, and thought-provoking puzzles before being allowed to purchase any items at our gift shop. Not guaranteed to meet Theseus.

Claim your Game Pass (at no additional cost!) when you purchase a Community, Pro, or Champion ticket.

In the weeks leading up to RECON, you will be emailed a voucher to use to book The Shop of Theseus.

Game passes are limited and this offer is only available while supplies last.

A sign on an ancient, old street. Sign reads, "The Shop of Theseus."
RECON game designer, Mark Larson's headshot in a gold, art deco frame with the RECON logo.
Mark Larson

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Game Designer

Mark Larson is an interactive experiences designer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s been designing puzzles, escape rooms, tabletop games, and custom events for over a decade, including Escape from Escape Island, featured at the online RECON in 2021. He previously worked at Trapped Puzzle Rooms as a Project Lead and Experience Designer for over five years, including a series of Audio Escape Adventures in 2020. You can view his portfolio of work at