RECON Global 21 Archive

In 2021, RECON was held virtually. We assembled a wonderful collection of speakers from around the world.

Introduced by Neil Patrick Harris

Speakers: Neil Patrick Harris

The Promise & Possibilities of Escape Rooms

Speakers: Lisa and David Spira

Company: Room Escape Artist

Avatar Games: Innovating with Structure and Maximizing Fun

Speaker: Tasha Tarkhanova

Company: Hypodive with Project Avatar

How To Build & Refine Your First Escape Room Tech Project

Speaker: Karmisha Jawell

Growing our Community: Lessons in How to Best Bring New Players In


  • Magritte Snow, Serial Escapers & Crack the Game
  • Ken Ferguson, The Logic Escapes Me
  • Jackie Catterall, Exit Games Scotland

The Chinese Escape Room Scene: Stats and Stories from a Booming Community

Speaker: Yan Xie

Company: Archimedes Inspiration

Five Things New Designers Should Know about Escape Room Puzzle Creation

Speaker: Errol Elumir

Company: Room Escape Divas

Getting Started in Building Immersive Environments

Speakers: Marise Watson & David Vella

Company: The Cipher Room

Escape this Podcast - Live Event at RECON '21 with celebrity guests!

Special live edition of Escape this Podcast with guests Neil Patrick Harris, Harrison Greenbaum, and Emily Jillette.

Playing with Game Structure: the Macro of Mechanics

Speakers: Aaron Hooper & Leanne Yong

Company: Next Level Escape

Marketing: Building a Stronger Web Presence

Speaker: Maxime Filion

Company: Immersia Escape Games

Advanced Tech: Using Light & Sound to Build World-Class Experiences

Speakers: Chris Lattner & Malte Eiben

Company: The Room

Crafting an Experience for Your Players Through Gamemastering


  • Jayson Mamaclay, Fuzzy Logic Escape Room
  • Sarah Dillenberger & Saskia Arzheimer, 66 Minuten Theater Adventures

Tabletop Escape Games: Panel Discussion

Hosts: Jared Dauenhauer & Zach Baughman, Puzzling Company, Tennessee, USA


  • Nicholas Cravotta & Rebecca Bleau, BlueMatter Games, California, USA
  • Angela Lawson-Scott, Crack-a-Nut Mysteries, Michigan, USA
  • Silvano Sorrentino, dV Giochi, Italy
  • Anna Lysova & Lisa Levina, Scarlet Envelope, Canada
  • Michelle Rundbaken & Yacine Merzouk, Society of Curiosities, Hawaii, USA

Fun Insurance: What Makes a Good Hint System


  • Rita Orlov, PostCurious
  • Summer Herrick, Locurio

Escape Rooms Taught Me How to Build a Booth... That Got Me Kicked Out of Comic-Con

Speaker: Elan Lee

Company: Exploding Kittens

Concluding Remarks

Speakers: Lisa and David Spira

Company: Room Escape Artist

The Two Bears Discord Variety Hour

Alex & Stefan of the Two Bears Life blog present a variety of trivia, gameshow-style questions, and puzzles.

Viewers got to solve along live along with guests Manda and Errol from the Room Escape Divas podcast.