Magritte, Ken, and Jackie

France, England, & Scotland

Magritte Snow

It all started in a prison… I don’t know where it will end.

I love traveling from world to world and then escaping these worlds that have been created for us players. I talk a lot (count me in for every roleplay) and observe everything, but I am very bad at searching and numbers. I love spreading my passion for escape rooms by bringing people along, hoping for them to become as addicted as I am, so we can travel and play together. I’ve played mostly in France, but thanks to remote rooms I have played in so many countries and with so many amazing people, which has kept my addiction going this year.

I have to try to find time to write on my blog Serial Escapers and we have a French escape talk show, Crack the Game.

Keep playing, keep puzzling.

Ken Ferguson

Based in London, Ken escaped his first room back in 2013 and, after a short pause while the rest of the city caught up, has been playing ever since. He runs the review blog The Logic Escapes Me, was part of the design team for the 2019 Red Bull Escape Room World Championship, and has played several hundred escape rooms across Europe. Besides his blogging, Ken has been generous with his accumulated knowledge, becoming a popular and dependable source of expert advice for starting and established escape room owners alike.

Jackie Catterall

After discovering the wonder of escape rooms way back in June of 2015, I set up a Facebook page called Exit Games Scotland to promote the Scottish escape room industry. The page shares all the news on new games, offers, and very occasionally a review too.

The advent of the remote avatar rooms has been an epiphany for me as its allowed me to play with escape room enthusiasts throughout the world and play rooms that I’d never visit otherwise. In the last year I’ve doubled my live/ hosted game tally to 1000.

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