Is RECON for Players? Owners? Vendors? Agencies? Designers?

Why attend? Is RECON right for you? Find the descriptor that matches you and find out…

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There are also opportunities for sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors.


If you are directly involved in an escape room or immersive gaming business...

…RECON is definitely the convention for you.

This convention is focused on building a better understanding of some of the most successful approaches to immersive gaming venues. There will be discussion of all facets, from creative approaches to business administrative insights.

Regardless of your location, budget, or breadth of experience, RECON connects you with the tools you need to give your customers an outstanding experience and grow your business.

You’ll hear definitive learnings, processes, and approaches from some of the best in the business, each of whom we recruited to distill down their years of expertise into lessons that you can implement and profit from.

You’ll have the opportunity to dissect these learnings with your peers, and share stories, hardships, and successes. RECON is your community.

Prospective Owners

If you're thinking of opening an escape room...

…and you’re just on the edge of diving into the business, look no further.

Forget about the bimonthly Facebook and Reddit posts that alternately claim the death and resurrection of the industry.

Instead, take this opportunity to see first-hand the variety of options available and how to make the right decisions for your skills and background. This is your pathway to true insider knowledge.

Learn the reality of the day-to-day work from those who are making it happen. Their wisdom is hard-earned.

Join the conversation by sharing your apprehensions and motivations. This is your community.


The creators of this convention are players...

We are players who want to see escape rooms and immersive gaming grow. We invite you to join us at RECON to be a part of this vision.

At RECON, you’ll meet people from all over the world who share your interests. You’ll exchange game recommendations, meet teammates, and play games. We’ll experience an incredible variety of play together at RECON. This is an opportunity to engage with a growing, passionate community.

It can also be fascinating to glimpse into how creators think, design, and construct, igniting a greater appreciation for the experiences. At RECON this insight becomes accessible, like a peek behind the scenes.

Whether you’re drawn to the puzzles, storytelling, adventuring, teamwork, or are curious to learn more about escape rooms or immersive games, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the RECON community.

Creatives & Makers

If you love to design puzzles, write stories, build worlds, or create adventures...

…there’s a home for you at RECON. Immersive gaming is at the forefront of narrative and experiential creation. These emerging media make stories interactive and turn players into the heroes of the tale.

Whether you’re an artist/inventor whose creations belong in appreciating hands, a writer/producer who’s looking to bring your vision to life, or an engineer/technologist who creates the magic, at RECON you will find many paths forward.

Learn how this new form of storytelling continues to evolve, and meet the people who have pushed its limits. These are your connections and your community.

Brands & Rights-holders

If you're interested in experiential marketing for a product or property...

…at RECON, you will find the talent to realize your vision. 

RECON brings together a community of artists, inventors, writers, producers, engineers, and technologists. They are eager to put an interactive spin on your product, brand, or IP so that consumers take notice.

If you’re looking to work with escape room companies, insights into this medium will enable you to maximize its potential and be an effective partner. RECON nurtures your understanding of the industry and the experiences it has produced, empowering you to realize your vision.

Add your voice and perspective to the conversation. Join the community.

Agencies & Strategists

If you're a marketer, creative director, or innovation strategist looking for inspiration...

…at RECON, you’ll meet creators at the forefront of immersive experience design.

We bring together a community of artists, inventors, writers, producers, engineers, and technologists who are creating cutting-edge experiences. We curate a program where world-class creatives share everything from best practices to new concepts for crafting engaging immersive experiences.

At RECON, we see escape rooms as a new form of storytelling that will influence experience design across different industries.

If you’re ready to reimagine what is possible in experiential marketing, RECON is your community.