Yan Xie


Like the majority of escape owners, I started as an enthusiast who had played escape games globally since 2013, including 200+ across 10 different cities in China. Very quickly my passion took over and led to the creation of Archimedes Inspiration. The initial purpose was to export and adapt some of the handpicked and most-loved Chinese games to a less matured foreign market. To date, we have successfully modified and brought three games to the UK. All of our multiple-award-winning games are narrative driven and fully automated with a focus on immersion to facilitate the storytelling. The advantage of being in London has introduced us to many enthusiasts worldwide, earning a place on their "bucket list." Being both an owner and an enthusiast, it enabled me to connect to both sides of the industry and to have a much broader perception behind the games. I was also invited as a panellist and a speaker at China's Escape Game Alliance Conference between 2017-2019. I would like to share my knowledge, experiences and insights into the Chinese escape room industry and to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world.


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